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October 2020. Updated pages: Project Details, Project News, Project Documents.

Wind Turbines

The wind turbine model has been substituted to the Siemens Gamesa 5 MW turbine from the previously selected Goldwind 4.2 MW turbine. With an increase to nameplate capacity, the Proponent features the opportunity to eliminate two (2) turbines, T26 and T16 and associated works. The considerations for selecting the eliminated turbines included noise impact to residents, input received through the AUC Participant Involvement Program and proximity to wildlife and wildlife habitat. Please refer to the updated Project map.

The Project now consists of twenty-six (26) 5 MW Siemens Gamesa wind turbines for a total generation capacity of 117.6 MW. The turbines will each have a hub height of 102 m and a blade length of 71 m.

Collection System

The collection system consists of medium-voltage underground electrical cables connecting each turbine to the Project substation.


The Project substation has been proposed to be located in the SW corner of SW 28-10-8 W4M. An alternate location has been assessed 1 km north on NW 28-10-8 W4M. The AUC will determine which substation location will move forward.


The Project will t-tap 879L, the existing 138kV transmission line owned and operated by AltaLink, located at the south end of the Project area. Should the original substation location move forward, there would be a short high-voltage overhead connection line of approximately 30m–50m connecting the Project substation to the existing 138kV transmission line, all located on private land participating in the Project. Should the alternate Project substation Location move forward, the high-voltage connection line would be extended by approximately 1 km.

Access Roads

The Project will use access roads during its construction, and operations and maintenance phases to access turbine locations. The Project will also require upgrades to the existing public roads in the area for turbine and component delivery.

Other facilities

The Project will have a temporary laydown yard during construction. The Project may also have one permanent meteorological tower, the location of which has yet to be determined. Though an Operations and Maintenance building was initially planned for the Project, the turbine manufacturer has since determined an O&M building will not be required onsite.

See the Project Documents page for the Project Layout Map showing the locations of the turbines and associated infrastructure.

PROJECT TIMELINE (updated October 2020)