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Project Proponent

Renewable Energy Systems Canada Inc. (RES) as representative for BHE Canada Rattlesnake G.P. Inc., the Project Proponent, is proposing to develop the Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power Project. For more information about RES and BHE Canada, visit Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada Company's website here and RES Group's website here.

Project Details

• Wind Turbines: The Project, in its current design, consists of 28 - 4.2MW wind turbines
generating 117.6MW of electricity. Although a turbine model and layout has been finalized for
permitting, the Proponent has chosen to submit an Application to the AUC that allows flexibility to
change the turbine model and layout, pending on-going discussions with turbine manufacturers. The
only current anticipated change would be removing 2 turbine locations and using a turbine with a
slightly higher nameplate capacity. The general turbine characteristics would remain unchanged. The
enclosed Project Layout Map shows the turbine locations and associated infrastructure.

• Collection System: The collection system consists of underground cables connecting each turbine
to the Project substation.

• Interconnection: The Project will t-tap 879L, the 138kV transmission line, owned and operated by
AltaLink, located within the south end of the Project area. There would be a short connection line
of approximately 30m–50m connecting the Project substation to the 138kV transmission line, all
located on private land participating in the Project.

• Access Roads: The Project will use access roads during its construction and operations and
maintenance phases to access turbine locations. The Project will also require upgrades to the
existing public roads in the area for turbine and component delivery.

• Other facilities: The Project will have an Operations and Maintenance building at the south end
of the Project, next to the substation. There will also be a temporary laydown yard during
construction. The locations for these facilities are visible on the Project Layout Map. The Project
could also have one meteorological tower, the location of which has yet to be determined.